Monday, April 16, 2012


Our trip to Sunriver was just as fun as always! We did a lot of fun activities but we also just hung around the house and relaxed! It was a great weekend. . . until Shaun had to leave us early Monday morning to head to Arkansas. Then things kind of went down hill and my mom and the kids and I ended up leaving earlier than planned. 

Here is our weekend in pictures:

Shaun took the kids ice skating for their first time! I hung on the sidelines for two reasons. A) I didn't want to fall and hurt the baby at all, and B) I didn't want a sore back! Shaun is a great dad to do this with them. Gage quit about half way through and hung with me, and by the end, Maisey was actually getting the hang of it.

We went sledding!  I really really really wanted to take the kids sledding while we were over there. Mt. Bachelor has a tubing park, but the kids weren't tall enough to do it and they wouldn't be able to ride with an adult, so we asked around and found a sno-park near Sunriver. So we ventured there and there were signs for snow shoeing and snowmobiling, and signs that said NO sledding. It was kind of frustrating, but the kids were sooooo excited to go sledding, so we drove on the highway toward Bachelor and found a little spot to pull off. We climbed up the hill and made our own sledding hill. The kids had a blast! It was so fun to see the pure joy on their faces. And I was surprised at how brave they were!

The kids had fun playing some rock band and a Cars 2 video game! Shaun had fun helping them race Lightning McQueen!

We went to the village and rode a fun train (twice!) and got ice cream (twice!). The kids seriously loved the train. We did it on two different days but they are wearing the same coats! The first day (yellow car) the train conductor let the kids push the button that blows the whistle and rings the bell. They thought that was pretty special, so then when we went back the next day (blue car) they asked him if they could do it again! They sure loved that train! I thought the train ride was going to put me into labor it was soooo bumpy!

We played outside whenever it wasn't raining, hailing, or snowing. We did chalk, played basketball, drove the tractor, played hide and seek, and swam in the hot tub. Maisey learned how to put her face underwater and was a bobbing maniac by the time they were done swimming around. I was really proud of her. 

We celebrated Daddy's birthday by going to Red Robin and opening presents. I got him a pellet gun to keep the animals that poop all over our backyard out! I didn't let him open the gun in front of the kids, but he opened all of the accessories to go with it. The kids didn't know what they were all for but Shaun was sure excited. He also got Blazer's tickets (we go in 2 days!!!), a couple of movies, and a few gift cards. It was a fun night.

Maisey got to have a sleepover with Grammy in a king size bed! Too bad Grammy only got about a foot of the bed because Maisey invited her doll (with the crib), four little bear cubs, and one GIANT bear to the sleepover also! I don't think Grammy slept very well that trip!

And while Gage wasn't running around wild and crazy getting into everything, you could find him parked on the stairs watching Toy Story. That was his favorite place to watch a movie.

We had a great time, and we can't wait to go back this summer with some cousins!

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