Monday, April 16, 2012


My older sister Christina and my nephew Luke came to visit us for a few days during their spring break. They came to the Easter fireside that I was a part of, then on Monday, Gage and I took them to NW Kids Club to play. We met for pizza Monday night for dinner, and for lunch on Tuesday afternoon. They stopped by our house on the way to the airport Wednesday morning to play for a little bit before they had to head back home. It was a quick trip and we didn't get to see them a ton, but it was still really fun to see them. I only took pictures at NW Kids Club, and they were on my phone so they weren't great!

 Christina pulling Gage on the tractor!

And Gage pulling Luke on the tractor!

Also, at the same time as my sister being here Papa, Hannah, and Ryan came for a visit! They were also only here for a few days, and we jammed as much in as we could. They got here just in time to watch Maisey's ballet class Monday afternoon. Then we headed to Salem to meet my family for pizza. We stopped to get ice cream on the way home and played games that night. Tuesday we went swimming, to lunch, and then to Pump it Up (we were the only ones there and it was way nice!). Papa babysat the kids that night while Shaun, Ryan, Hannah, and I went to the temple. On Wednesday, Maisey showed Papa around her preschool that morning. In the afternoon, Papa babysat the kids again while I went to my dr. appointment. We took them to dinner Wednesday night, then played some games until Shaun and Ryan headed to the church to play ball. And then they left the next morning. There wasn't a lot of down time while they were here, but the kids had soooooo much fun being with them. Thursday night at dinner Gage kept asking, "Where Papa, Hannah, Ryan go?" over and over again. He sure misses all of his friends. Here are a few pics from when they were here.

 Shaun and Ryan racing through the obstacle course. 

 Shaun got beat by Ryan and Hannah! Haha!

 Papa also brought the Wii for us. He's teaching Maisey how to play Mario Kart so she can beat up on her Daddy who has no mercy for a 4-year old. 

 The boys playing some basketball at the pool!

 Maisey got way brave and did the rope swing. By the end she was doing it by herself. She was awesome!

We love when people come to visit us and we sure miss them when they leave!

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Trevor and Amy said...

Ok I'm TOTALLY bummed I didn't see you while I was home! However--it looks like you have been packing your days with family and fun activities as well.