Monday, April 16, 2012

Gage Goes Potty!

While Shaun was out of town, I had to give the kids a bath. That is traditionally Shaun's job. I loathe bath time! I made Gage sit on the toilet before he got in and he went potty! I was so shocked, because he has sat on there several times before but wouldn't go. So after the bath I gave him a potty treat, and did the normal bed time routine. Once he was in bed I was doing some work on my computer and I heard him SCREAMING in his room. So I run in there and he is completely naked, diaper and everything, holding his little pee pee saying "I go potty, I go potty!" So I took him in to the bathroom real quick and he went potty again on the toilet. I was so excited and thought we were starting something good! The next day he went first thing in the morning, and then wouldn't go again after that. He wouldn't even sit on the toilet. He would just say "I don't want to go potty!" So I didn't push it too much the rest of the week. But when Shaun got home, Gage went potty three times for him! So we started it back up! He wore undies for a few hours one morning and kept them all dry, but after his nap he wanted nothing to do with going potty, and that is still where we are at. :( Papa even told him he would buy him a new train if he went poop in the toilet, but no luck! This kid is pretty stubborn and just likes to do things on his own time. So I will try to wait, and continue to waste money on diapers.

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