Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Catch All

These pics don't really have a post of their own, but still things that have been happening around here lately!

We had Shaun's birthday dinner during General Conference weekend. He requested this strawberry pie, which he gets every year, and this is the first time in 7+ years that I have actually made it right! :) I was pretty dang proud. We only put two candles in the pie because this is his last birthday in the 20's! Next year, he graduates to three candles! :) He's not too excited about that.

 You can't really tell in this picture, but I painted Maisey's nails one morning and Gage wanted in on the action so I painted his white so they weren't very noticeable and here he is blowing them dry. He wanted pink really bad so I painted one toe on each foot pink! He loved to show everyone who came over his "pretties!"

 I did some serious cleaning two weeks ago! I made a list of a bunch of things that I wanted to clean before the baby came.and went to work. As I would work on one thing I would notice something else that needed to get done and get distracted doing that. One of those distractions were the windows in our house. I guess I didn't realize how disgusting they were. These were the Lysol and Windex wipes that I used for ONE window! It really grossed me out, so I went around and cleaned every.single.window in my house including the track, frame, sill, and blinds. It took me a whole day, and the next day I couldn't walk, actually really move at all. But now my windows are sparkling clean! :)

 Shaun and I got to go on a date night last weekend. We went to dinner for his birthday (La Hacienda, YUM!!!) then he was nice enough to run a bunch errands with me. We went to Motherhood Maternity to look for a cute springy shirt, that wasn't black. . . or too small,  I could wear on Easter. It was fun to shop around with him. Sometimes I forget how funny he is! Oh, and he also had the nerve to strap on the cotton 1/16 lb. stomach in the dressing room and tell me he doesn't know what I complain about, being pregnant isn't that bad! Like I said, I forget how funny he is! :) Also, this was the first night that I started having contractions. They've continued on almost every day since then, but still very irregular!

 Have you ever seen the People of Walmart website? Well, if there was a Cars of Walmart site, I would have submitted this picture! Yes, those are eyelashes on the headlight! 

 I've been bugging Shaun to fix this shelf in the garage for me for a while now, and it finally got done last weekend! Now I can fit bins under the shelf as well as on and above the shelf! My garage is sparkling clean (he even vacuumed it for me!) and we got our new freezer in it's place and ready to go!

 Maisey picked this beautiful bouquet of "flowers" for me from our friend's yard! Isn't she sweet?

And this little maniac helped me triple the no-bake cookie recipe last weekend, and made me re-measure the peanut butter after he ate about a half cup!

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