Monday, April 16, 2012

Reading Under the Stars

One of the perks of my mom being a teacher is going to her school for the fun activities. She invited us to a night of reading under the stars. The kids got to go in their jammies and bring their blankies. They had different stories set up around the school and in classrooms and you could choose what story you wanted to go and listen to. They also handed out free books to the kids, had milk and cookies, and the book fair was open. Maisey wanted to go to The Cat and the Hat reading and there were people dressed up in costumes in there. Gage wasn't a big fan of that so Shaun stayed with Maisey and my mom and Gage and I went to a story about a dog named Rocket. We were the only ones at the story and they had a real dog there that looked like Papa and Grandma Grimmett's dog, so Gage was totally obsessed with the dog and didn't even listen to the story. The poor girl was reading the story to me and that was pretty much it. The kids had such a fun time and came away with a few free books and then we let them each pick one out at the book fair as well.

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