Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Mama's Boy!

Gage loves to do what I'm doing and go where I'm going. He is such a sweet guy. The other day he was laying on the floor in the Family Room reading books and I was making dinner in the kitchen. He calls to me, "Hey Mom, guess what? I love you!" Or he is always snuggling up to me on the couch and saying "Merry Christmas Mom Mom" in his cute, sweet voice. He kind of struggled, behaviorly (is that even a word?), the last few months, but this past week he has done awesome. He hasn't thrown any major fits and I've been able to talk him down from escalating emotions. I hope we are on the right track to managing his behavior!

 Helping me bake in the kitchen!

 Fanning me with a book after my workout. I told you, he is so sweet to me!

 Changing his baby's diaper. He used a kitchen towel to wipe the bum! 

 I bought him these new socks that have different animal footprints on the bottoms. He likes to look at the footprints, so we wears them the wrong way. He also likes these socks because they are "big boy socks" with out the grippers on the bottom. He likes to slide around the kitchen with them on.

He is super obsessed with clocks. I knew he was, but a few days before Christmas when we went to see Santa, that what he told Santa he wanted. . . A clock! So Mrs. Claus had to make a quick last minute trip to the store. He loves his clock! He takes the numbers out and puts them back in the wrong order and thinks he is so silly. He also says when the long hand points to this number it means it's time for a snack, or it's time for mommy to clean up the toys, or it's time to go swimming, or whatever he wants to do. It's really funny and cute to see how he is learning the concept of time. And to add to his obsession, he asks me to sing him Hickory Dickory Dock every night. We make up funny rhymes for the numbers and silly things that the mouse does. He loves it, and I love to listen to his cute little giggle.

I've really enjoyed this school year watching his learn new things when he goes to school but then being able to spend some good quality one on one time with him while Miley is sleeping and Maisey is at school. He can be difficult to deal with at times, but I love his sweet personality and his silly sense of humor!

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