Saturday, March 9, 2013

On Time (by a long shot)

It's not very often that we are actually on time to appointments, especially at 9 am on a Saturday! But today, we showed up to the kids' dentist appointments 5 minutes early! Yay us! Then we were told we were actually on the schedule for next Saturday. Haha! I told you I'm just wishing the time away until spring break. Luckily, they had two cancellations and were able to fit us in. Both kids had sparkly clean teeth and no cavities! Our dentist did recommend a consultation appointment with an orthodontist to help with Maisey's front teeth. We're going to check it out.

Here they are with their shiny clean teeth:

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Trevor and Amy said...

I cannot believe how much she looks like you! Those kids are TOO cute! I will be in Oregon May 20-sometime in July so we should get together for sure! :)