Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Reverence Chart

One day last November, Daddy came home from work with a surprise! 

The kids each got their very own Book of Mormon.

They were very excited.

Well, after about two nights of reading out of these new books the excitement wore off.

So Mom came up with a plan. A reverence chart with spaces for 50 stars. 

They could each earn a star every night that they sat quietly on the couch, read when it was their turn, and didn't play with any other toys. 

If they each earned a star every single night, it would have taken 25 days.

It took them 4 months!

Last night they earned their final two stars!

 We headed to Lime Berry to celebrate!

And when we got home and read tonight, they each earned a star on our reverence chart #2!

Yay for star charts finally working for our kids!

And yay for learning reverence while reading the scriptures!

*** And on the way home, Maisey made a comment about earning almost all of the stars on their chart, which was a very true comment! :)

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