Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March, Oh March!

I have been waiting so long for you!

We are doing something super fun for Spring Break in a few weeks, and I've been looking forward to it forever. Maybe that is why the time has been crawling by.

Anyway, we started March off with a bang! 

March 1st was Dr. Seuss's birthday (observed, because it is really the 2nd). Maisey's class and some other classes from her school went on a walking field trip to our local library to celebrate.
 Members of the Rotary club came and read Dr. Seuss stories to the kids

 Then each group got a bag of supplies to make a "thinking cap."

 This was my group's final product! They used the bag that the supplies came in to make it! It was supposed to be Dr. Seuss and Sally (the character they were assigned) in Hawaii at night.Very, ahem, creative!

 This was the group presenting their hat to the other classes.

Also on March 1, I had my first massage by a man! Eeeek! I was really nervous, I know I'm weird! I've had dozens of massages before, just never by a dude! I survived, and it was really nice and relaxing!
 Expereince: most awkward ever, Massage: best ever!

The next day, Shaun and Maisey went on a date to lunch and the women's BYU basketball game against U of Portland!
 She had been telling everyone she could about her date with her daddy. She was so excited.

Not too many people at the game, but BYU won! Go Cougs!

Unfortunately, on the way home Maisey threw up. I guess that's what happens when Dad can't say no to his little girl and lets her eat Panda Express, milkshakes, popcorn, and candy. Once she got it all out she felt much better and acted like nothing even happened! What a way to end a date!

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that's what she said...

your awkward massage had me laughing out loud! i've had a chick do one, but never a dude. i would've felt the same thing. :)