Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cake Auction

Our ward does a Friends of Scouting Cake Auction every year. The cakes don't actually go for money because the activity is held at the church, but people bring their FOS donations and their cakes, then when they get to the activity there are little quiz things and you add up your points and that is what you get to bid with. 

This year I made my famous Reese's Peanut Butter Cake! And I have to say, it was one of the most bid on cakes there!
A lot of Reese's wrappers!

 Seriously, this cake is devine!

We (Shaun and I) didn't want to take home a cake, but when Gage saw a cake with Hot Wheel cars on it, he was set on getting it. So the three of us put our points together to get Gage his beloved cake! Well, a couple (without kids, and who made the cake) kept raising the bid, and we didn't have enough points. It was so sad to see Gage's disappointed face. He was devastated, but I figured it was a good way to talk about how even though we really really really want something, sometimes someone else needs it more than us. A few minutes later, the couple who won the cake brought it over to Gage and said they felt bad and wanted him to have it.
 Look how happy he was!

 He ate that thing and drove cars all over it until it was time to go home!

It was sure a sticky mess, but we really appreciated the couple for changing their minds and making our 3 year old the happiest boy!

And Maisey, well, she could have cared less about Gage's cake because she pooled her points with some big kids and they won themselves a gumball cake!

Which was downed in 2 seconds flat!

And caused a major sugar high, because this girl has never even chewed a piece of sugar gum in her life!

When she got home she couldn't sit still, she couldn't stop talking, and she couldn't focus on anything. Luckily we got her in bed pretty quickly and by the morning it had worn off.

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