Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gage in October

These first two pictures sum up our month perfectly! 
Lots of spills, broken things, coloring on things that shouldn't be colored on (aka, the van!).

And lots of tantrums. 
This particular one was because his whip cream tower melted over his hot pancakes because he decided to play instead of eating it when it was ready. And mean old mom wouldn't make another whip cream tower for him.
He could barely peddle his bike. He stacked up every possible thing that would fit on that wagon.

Some nights I lay in his bed with him a cuddle him to remind me that I really do love him. This particular evening, in a five minute span, he spilled a whole gallon of milk on the kitchen floor, broke my necklace to pieces, and threw Shaun's wedding ring somewhere in our room. We later found it by tipping our treadmill upside down and shaking it out. 

I helped at Gage's school and it amazes me how his preschool can convince kids that chores are fun. He would never rake up leaves at our house (or move bark dust like last month!). 

I asked Gage to get dressed one day because we were going to grammy's school for lunch. He came out wearing nothing but his conductor's hat. Uh, buddy, we can't go to school like that!

Although Gage enjoyed bowling at Maisey's school's family bowling night, he much preferred watching the balls come up through the ball return.

This kid is seriously crazy! Or he just makes me crazy!

On laundry day, gage decided to make a bed on top of the washer and dryer because I wouldn't let him play inside of them.

 Gage loves to help make things in the kitchen. This morning, he begged and begged me to make something. Since I couldn't wait two more days til Halloween to get my sugar fix, we decided to make cupcakes. It was a great way to spend our morning. Usually when I make something like that, I am giving them away, but not this time. So he got to do the sprinkles and he was thrilled!

 This sums up a lot of Gage's soccer season. Masses of kids chasing the ball, and Gage not even watching where he is going. He definitely got a lot better as the season went on and his second to last game he scored a goal. He was sooooo excited. Then during his last game he scored 2 goals! 

 High-five for mom!

 That's what it should all be about -- kid's having fun!

 Orange and black cupcakes for the Cougars last game!

 Gage was very excited to receive a medal this year!

 The Cougars!
Gage and Bella aren't wearing their orange shirts because they played for the other team during the last half of their last game.

 His professional pic

We moved straight from PeeWee Soccer to PeeWee Basketball! His first game was last week. During his first game a boy on the other team was going around and tackling kids. He tackled Gage and Gage got right back up and punched him. It was so embarrassing and we are definitely hoping for some major improvements during the season. 

Shaun and I got finagled into coaching again. Shaun is coaching the first two weeks, then I will take over after that. Why can't we ever say NO to people?


Desiree said...

That kid is all BOY! He reminds me of one of mine, definitely a challenge! That one is still a challenge, but the challenges are different. Better in a way. I completely understand how you feel!

Danielle said...

lol-your summary of gage had me cracking up! boys really are psychotic! climbing on the van, dumping gallons of milk, punching kids.....good luck! I do lots of pictures of my kids sleeping to remind me how sweet they can be. I just hope they live to adulthood with how dangerous they live sometimes!