Sunday, October 6, 2013

September: Miley

Miley didn't have much going on last month, she just pretty much did whatever the other kids did. She had a pretty grumpy month. I don't know if she was sad the kids went back to school or if she's teething, but we are hoping our happy baby comes back soon!

 Our ward got a new nursery leader (the same lady who was in the nursery when Maisey and Gage were in there) so I started taking Miley in to get used to it. ONE MORE MONTH!!!! There are only four or five kids in there and the nursery leader is so great. I can't wait.

 This is one of Miley's favorite things to do. She climbs on the top of Gage's headboard then gets into the window sill. She stands there and screams until some comes and rescues her. I'm afraid one of these days she is going to fall. 

 Janel and Miley rode the carousel at the mall and became instant buddies!

 Reading books on Gage's bed

 Miley carries this stool all the way from the bathroom to the kitchen. She is so proud of herself when she makes it all the way to the cupboards.

 She likes to climb up on the bathroom counter and sit in the sink.

When Gage gets to school he has to wash his hands before he can go into the classroom. Miley likes to join in as well and thinks it's pretty neat that the sinks are just her size.

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Danielle said...

I can't believe how grown up our babies are! and that nursery jealous!