Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Week

 I did an art lesson in Maisey's class

 Grandma Grimmett, Nathaniel, Janel, and Grandma's sister Cora, came to visit us!

We played with Uncle Nathaniel before he leaves on his mission (tomorrow!!)

 We went to the Portland Children's Museum

 We had a garage sale
(Gage didn't get it, and wondered why all of his toys were outside. . . and disappearing!)

And a lemonade stand/bake sale
 We watched General Conference and snacked on yummy cinnamon pull aparts

And we dealt with a sick and super grumpy one year old!



Desiree said...

You are one busy Momma! That's so fun that you get to do an art project with Maisey's class.

Danielle said...

Sad I couldn't join you for the Children's Museum. There was just no way I could get away that morning. Too much back and forth with kids and school and I was volunteering in Ethan's class that day too. Looks like you guys had fun though. :)