Sunday, October 6, 2013

September: Gage

 Gage started at his new preschool! 
He has been loving it so far. His teacher's name is Mrs. Rygh and the assitant's name is Ms. Bauman. His favorite thing about school right now is playing on the really cool playground. But he also comes home singing all sorts of fun songs. And every time he gets in the car after I pick him up he always says, "Mom, preschool was SO fun today!" That makes me happy!

 And of course, he was drawn to the trains!

 Parents are required to volunteer at least once a month and you can't bring other kids with you (aka, Miley). I was able to help once in September and it was so cute to watch Gage in his element. What I thought was funny was the church and school have this big pile of bark chips in the parking lot. They let the kids fill wheelbarrows up and take them around the property and dump them where they need to be spread. It's a genius idea! The kids think it is awesome, and they are getting their bark chips spread. 

 Just look at that smile!

 This is Gage's first time playing soccer on a team. His friend Michael is on his team and Shaun is coaching. He isn't very aggressive and doesn't really focus on the game. He often wanders off the field or volunteers to sit out when then need someone to. But he has been getting better each week and is learning the fundamentals of soccer. Oh, and he loves the snacks after each game!

 We broke out his new winter jammies and he wore his football ones like 6 days in a row!

 I didn't think boys really cared that much about clothes, but I was SO wrong. Gage is so particular about what he wears, but especially his pants. He doesn't like pants with buttons or snaps, which means pretty much all he wears is sweat pants. Well, every Sunday has been a battle getting his church pants on because they have buttons. So I promised him I would shop for some new pants. I bought him this cute little suit and the pants had an elastic waist band. I thought he was so handsome in it, but he HATED it and fought me the whole time putting it on. I bribed him with a Thomas show just to get him to smile for the picture. Sadly, the suit went back to the store and we settled for a not very formal pair of Kakhi pants with a drawstring waist band. :(

I was playing cars with Gage one day and he started acting out a Barbie movie using the cars as movie characters. The sad thing was, he knew the movie word for word. He is probably going to be mad when he is older and reading this!

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Danielle said...

super cute front door! and the Barbie movie acting out....that's hilarious. I can't even imagine. ;)