Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maisey in October

The night before school picture day, Maisey and I went shopping for a new get up!
She discovered the store Justice! Holy Sparkles!!!!!

She wanted those ear muffs soooo bad, but we settled for only the scarf.

The left pic is my first grade pic and the right is Maisey on the morning of her school pictures.
Mini Me?

We just got this digital image the other day. She is so cute!

This is how we find her most nights. She uses the light from her little clock to read in bed! I'm so glad she loves books!

Here is irony at it's finest! 
Last Friday I hit and killed a cat while driving. I was talking to my sister when it happened and I just started screaming. It was sooo gross and I felt bad for whoever owned the cat. But what made the story a little bit funny is that afternoon Maisey brought home this "missing cat" poster that she made at school.I didn't tell her about my incident earlier in the day, but I had a good chuckle!

Maisey wrote a letter to her cousin. She is an awesome speller!

 Maisey's school had a family bowling night last week. She was so excited to see all of her friends from school and show off her bowling skills.

Maisey's last soccer game isn't until this week but her practice is on Thursdays and since Halloween is on Thursday this week we had our last soccer practice last week. We had a parent/kid scrimmage and the kids had a ton of fun! I played with the team, and Shaun came to play on the parent side. Maisey scored a goal against Shaun and thought she was pretty cool!

 The day we brought our real camera to soccer the sun was filtering through the clouds weird and was in like every picture. Anyway, Maisey is in the teal jacket. 

 It's been fun to watch her improve and become more aggressive as the season has gone on. At the beginning, she wouldn't challenge anyone with the ball. Now, she takes it away! 

 Her professional pic

Although she's enjoyed soccer, photography is her true passion. She was thrilled when I handed my camera over to her to take pictures at Gage' game! And she took 87 of them!

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