Sunday, October 6, 2013

September: Maisey

 Maisey's first day of first grade!
 Her teacher's name is Mrs. Watts and she has most of the same kids in her class as she did last year. She is mostly excited to study about science this year!

 First soccer practice!

 Maisey was the star student last week. She made this poster all about her to present to the class!

 My favorite thing on the poster is the middle star! She is very humble!

 Also during her star student week she got to bring in a show and tell item (well, items -- she brought her AG doll and her AG doll horse) and I got to come in and read one of her favorite books (Every Girl Needs Dancing Boots) to the class.

 Maisey thinks it is really fun that I get to come into her classroom every other week to teach art. She is still at the stage where it is cool to be friends with your mom. I like that!

To end her September, I asked her to go change out of her school uniform so we could go outside and she came out of her room wearing this. I thought her skirt looked a little short and didn't remember buying her a mini, so I took a look at it. Miley's skirt ended up in her closet. And the sad thing is, little miss no-bum Maisey can fit into it! :) She was really embarrassed and begged me not to take a picture! So I did what any good mom would do and took one anyway, then put it on here!

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Danielle said...

hahaha! so funny about the mini skirt mix-up. I bet you hope that's the only time she comes out wearing one of those. ;)