Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Randoms

 This was all of the leftovers from our garage sale earlier in the month. I was getting it all ready to take to Goodwill! It consumed my family room!

 We explored a park in our town that we had never been to before. 

 Gage liked digging for dinosaur fossils at the park.

 Shaun brought me some voodoo doughnuts on a rough day! I ate 2.5 and then felt sick the rest of the night!

 The kids enjoyed playing on our neighbor's power wheel.
 We had Young Women in Excellence. 
We have such a great group of Young Women. At the beginning of the year we talked about standing in holy places, so it was only fitting at the end of the year to talk about being not moved.
 We served fancy milk and cookies!!
 Our friends organize a haunted house date night every year. This year there were eight couples who got together for dinner and the planned haunted house. Well, that haunted house was so lame that some of us decided to hit up another one on our way home.

 The six of us were the brave ones who stopped at a little farm town haunted house on the way home. And it was the best haunted house any of us had ever been to. It exceeded our expectations by far!

 I love all of our faces in this pic!

 I taught art in Maisey's class last week and brought my little assistant with me. This may be the last time she comes. She stepped in puffy paint then walked around the classroom with it on her shoe, she drank out of three kids' water bottles, she ripped name tags off of desks, and she ate a glue stick. Yeah, it's time to start pawning her off on art days!

For FHE yesterday, we played Halloween Bingo. We were going to decorate/carve pumpkins, but I was being a super lame mom and didn't want to deal with the mess. I mean, I did just throw a pumpkin party two days earlier!

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