Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maisey's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Maisey's field trip was colder than Gage's, but much more enjoyable. Shaun worked from home that morning so Miley hung with him, and Maisey wasn't throwing herself on the ground with every tantrum, or hitting or kicking me like Gage. Doesn't that sound like more fun? I was a chaperone, so I had a group of kids and I got to ride the bus -- Lucky me!

This was my sixth field trip to Bauman Farms in the last 4 years! I'm pretty sure I could be the tour guide by now! 

 Waiting for cider and doughnuts!

 Feeding the animals!

 This year, Maisey's class was the first tour of the morning, so a few of the students got to help feed the baby cows. Maisey thought it was so fun to feed them a bottle of milk!

 Coming out of the hay maze!

 Good looking first graders!

 Picking out her pumpkin, gourd, and indian corn!

The bus ride!

Glad I got to spend the morning with my beautiful girl!

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