Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Annual Pumpkin Party

 Pre-Party Pic: Food Table
We had creepy cupcakes, spooky cider, wicked water, pumpkin cheese balls, and banana ghosts

 Pre-Party Pic: Kids decked out in Halloween clothes!

 We started the party off by each guest taking a guess at the number of candy corns. There were 262, but Miley and her little friend ate a few!

 Then all of the kids decorated pumpkins!

 Then we played a stomp the balloon game

 And a balance the eyeball on a spoon relay game.

 Then we headed inside for treats.

And bam, it was over just like that!

It seemed to go by really fast this year. Maybe because the kids are getting a little older and they take longer to decorate their pumpkins. There were some creative pumpkins this year and the kids really got into it. It was fun to watch.

We used our pumpkin party this year partly as a missionary opportunity. We were challenged by our ward missionaries to invite non-members into our home so they can feel the spirit that resides here. We also just had Stake Conference, in which the main focus was missionary work. So, we let the kids each choose a few friends to invite (and they chose church member friends) so then we encouraged them to think of some non-members to invite. We ended up with more non-members than we did members, which was great! I'm not sure anything will come of it, but it was a good for the kids to be introduced to missionary opportunities. 

And, I couldn't help but put this pic in! The kids were trying to get her to smile, but she just wasn't having it. I almost like this pic more than if all 3 kids were actually looking!

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Danielle said...

what a fun party! I was such a lame mom this year when it came to Halloween. we were just so busy every night/weekend that I didn't really feel like adding in more. thankfully my kids don't know any better-maybe we'll be more creative next year. :)