Friday, April 12, 2013

Miley: 11 Months

It makes me sad to think that this is likely my last month ever having a baby! Not that she is much of a baby anymore, but I'm clinging on to the title until she is an official toddler! She really is growing up so much! 

 She is still a Mama's girl and that was her first official word: Mama! She calls for me all day and it is funny to try to hear Daddy get her to say Dada. She just blabs Mama Mama in his face like it is a game!

She definitely has a thing for her brother and sister too. She loves when Gage makes silly faces at her, especially in the car. And she loves that Maisey will stand her up and hold her hands so she can walk around the house.

Walking every where is her new thing. She walks around holding somebody's fingers and if you sit her down she will throw a big fit.

She is good at throwing fits. It's funny how quickly they learn methods on how to get what they want.

She is not officially crawling, but she can scoot pretty much anywhere on her bum. When she is on her tummy, she only scoots backward which is frustrating for her.

She got two more teeth this month, making that five total. Two more are so close!

A few other things:

 She also had her first pony tail this month!

She went down the slide at the pool for her first time! She is seriously a water baby. She doesn't care if she goes under water or gets splashed. She just cares that she gets to swim!

She loves:
Chicken Nuggets
Reading Books
Wagon Rides
Standing Up

And we love her!


Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I can't believe she's almost one! She's getting so big!

that's what she said...

What a doll! And seriously, where did our babies go?!?! I feel like we were just itching to get them out of us, lol.