Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not According to Plan

Our morning didn't go exactly how it was planned, and I hate when that happens.

Shaun flies out of town today so I had to take him to work this morning. We left really early so that I could get back in enough time to drop Maisey off at school at 7:45. We made it about 15 miles up the freeway before we were in completely stopped traffic. It took us about another 45 minutes to make it 2 miles. At this rate, both Shaun and Maisey were going to be very late. So we turned around and took Maisey to school. She got there too early and had to wait in the cafeteria until she could go in her class at 7:45. She cried. I think it was a mix of that and her daddy leaving that sent her over the edge. I felt bad for the poor girl.

Then we took a back highway to try to reconnect with the freeway after the accident. It was sooo backed up that it actually took us more time to get to the freeway than it would have to just deal with the traffic on the freeway. UGH! Shaun was very late today!

The reason for the mess (courtesy of KPTV)

After HOURS in traffic I made it home and put Miley down for her nap and got things ready for Gage's birthday photo shoot that I was going to do that morning. Well, after an hour of talking in her crib, I decided Miley was never going to fall asleep, so I got her up. While I was getting her ready to go, Gage found a cherry tomato and decided it would be fun to smash it in his hand, therefore getting tomato juice all over his shirt for pictures. Good thing for Shout wipes!

You want to know the best medicine for frustration?

Cute pics of your kids!

And some apple cider and donuts after pictures doesn't hurt either!

Update: My totally awesome friend brought over dinner for the kids and I tonight since she knew Shaun was gone. Didn't go as planned, but this change I welcomed!

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that's what she said...

ugh, what a mess! days like that deserve a platter of chocolate...