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Sunriver was a blast as usual! We packed so many fun things into the four days that we were there! But best of all, we got to spend a lot of time with Aunt Janel and Grammy, and actually Daddy too since he didn't have to work. Here is a recap:

We got into Sunriver Tuesday evening and got everything unpacked and settled in. Once the kids were in bed we watched Pitch Perfect! Seriuosly, my new favorite movie. Favorite part: when Fat Amy does horizontal running. I'm definitely going to be using that one!

First thing Wednesday morning, the kids woke up and enjoyed watching shows with the moose and the black bear! The four of them were buddies all week!
We decided to try sledding as early on in the week as possible because it was supposed to get warmer as the week went on and there wasn't a lot of snow to begin with. As we were driving to our usual sledding hill I wasn't sure if we would even have any, but luckily there was enough! The kids had a blast and they could even carry their own sleds back up the hill this year. . . improvements!!! We had fun with snow ball fights (boys vs. girls) and crashing into each other at the bottom of the hill. Gage also ate tons of snow! He was even eating dirty snow! So gross.

After sledding we hit up the hot tub! The kids were little fish swimming around and diving for things! And Miss Miley cried when it was time to get out! That girl L.O.V.E.S. the water!

When the kids went down for naps/quiet times my mom, Janel and I went for a loooong walk! I love the trails in Sunriver. Once we got back we went in to Bend for some shopping and dinner.

On the way home we stopped at the Sunriver Village for some ice cream! YUM! (I can't believe we only made it there once!)

We forgot the Redbox movie, so when we got home we put the kids down, played some games (i.e. Ticket to Ride on 3 iPhones and an iPad) and watched Pitch Perfect again! Even better the second time!


Gage beat me downstairs by maybe 5 minutes and had a pack of Oreo's almost finished in that time!
Thursday was the BIG day!!! Shaun's 30th Birthday! I let him sleep in for a while and we made him his favorite breakfast: waffles with strawberries and whip cream! The kids all hid so when he came down stairs for breakfast they jumped out and yelled surprise and gave him his birthday hat! I also let him open his gift in the morning so he could use some of it while we were there! I got him a basket with 30 different things in it. Some things that he needed, some things that he wanted, and some things that I wanted him to have (like the pressure washer!!!!). I'm going to do another post on his basket later. After breakfast we hung around the house for a bit because Miley was taking her morning nap. 

 One of the gifts in his basket was scratch-it tickets, so Shaun was showing Janel how they worked!

 We did an egg hunt for the kids outside, which they really enjoyed.

Once Miley woke up we headed to the village for some ice skating and train riding! Maisey was so much better at ice skating this year, and I think it may have to do with the fact that she is good at roller skating now. Gage still needed a lot of help and ended up being done after about 30 minutes. He didn't mind too much because he got a new "sweater" out of the deal! He was obsessed with this Sunriver hoodie that has a bear on it that he got from his cousin. It was getting way too small but he always insisted on wearing his "bear sweater." So I took him to buy a new one and they didn't have any with bears so he settled for one with a bird. Aunt Janel ended up buying a matching one too. He was one happy boy to have a new "sweater."

 Mi Mi's first train ride!

During nap/quiet times, my mom stayed home with the kids while Shaun, Janel, and I went to play tennis! It was a perfect day for tennis, and I even won a couple of games, which hardly ever happens!

That night we had Shaun's birthday dinner. He chose Western burgers with fruit salad and a green salad. Then he requested his family recipe: Daffy Cake. We let Miley have her first taste of cake as practice for another month or so. She loved it, of course!

We ended the fun birthday with some family rock band. Microphone, drums, and two guitars! We sure know how to rock!

What a fun way to celebrate such a special dad and husband! Happy 30th Babe!


One of the 30 gifts in Shaun's basket was a day of skiing! I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate a big birthday. My mom stayed at the house with all three kids (Thanks Mom!) while Janel, Shaun and I hit the slopes. And boy, did I hit the slopes, over and over and over again! I have only skied like twice ever before this day and the last time was 13 years ago!!! I was pretty decent at it then, and I've snowboarded just fine a couple of times since then so I didn't think I would have any problems. We started out the day on a blue run (medium level) that followed the chair lift down the hill. I spent more time falling down that hill than I actually did standing up on the hill and people from the chair lift were calling down to me, "Hey are you ok?" or "Do you need any help?" I first I was laughing about it. Then I was laughing so hard I started crying, then I was actually just crying! It was really embarrassing. By the time we went to the lodge for lunch I had finally started to get the hang of it again, but my legs were sooo tired and my knees hurt really bad from all of the awkward positions that I had fallen in. I was tempted to just hang in the lodge after lunch, but decided to make another go of it. After plowing (and crashing!) into Janel, I did like one or two more runs then called it a day. Janel and Shaun skied for a while more, than Janel joined me in the car. Shaun definitely got his money's worth and skied for a while by himself and joined us later that evening. On a positive note: it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Very warm, clear skies, and we all got burnt on our faces!

While we were skiing, my mom did these special crafts with the kids! They were looking forward to this for weeks! Maisey made a castle that some of her characters can fit in and Gage made a train with a coal car that he loves to drive around.

I left the stroller home for my mom so she could take the kids out for a walk. When I called to check in with her at lunch, she was on her walk, but they were lost! Haha! They were gone for almost an hour and a half! Sounds like we all had adventures that day!

When we got home we played outside for a while, then headed inside to watch some March Madness. Everyone liked holding Miley that night because if they were holding her they got to see more of the games than those who were helping with other kids or dinner.

After the kids were in bed, you better believe we soaked in the hot tub! We were all feeling pretty sore!

This picture wasn't taken on Friday, but a few days after. It is one of my battle wounds from the mountain! Yeah, I'm not sure I'll do that again! Hopefully when he turns 40 we can go somewhere warm!


We packed up Saturday to head home. The kids rode bikes all morning while my mom and I worked inside.  

Dad let Maisey finish off the Dr. Pepper!

There was an Easter egg hunt in Bend Saturday afternoon and since we missed the ones here in town that morning, we decided to time our trip home and hit the one in Bend. It was crazy! I don't think the store that put it on was anticipating this many people to show up (maybe they didn't realize there would be a bunch of out-of-towners like us there because of Spring Break!) Before the egg hunt started, they had a bbq lunch, bags for the kids to decorate, coloring sheets, games, and face painting. The crowds were so bad that the kids stood in the face painting line for 30 minutes while the 1 lady that was painting faces finished two kids. Finally Janel went to the front and asked if she could just paint Gage and Maisey's faces, so that's what they did. The kids loved it! Gage got a mustache of course, and Maisey got a butterfly! After they decorated their bags, we ate a quick lunch and made our way over the the egg hunt. The egg hunt was crazy out of control and there were a lot of kids that didn't get any eggs (it wasn't seperated by age group) so I took Maisey and Gage around to look for sad kids to share our eggs with. It was a great lesson in compassion and sharing.

 I love buying them matching clothes! :)

 Gage's sweet 'stache!

After the egg hunt, we loaded back up in the van and headed home from a super fun getaway!

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