Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break (Pre-Sunriver) + Aunt Janel's Visit

Our spring break started out a little crappy to say the least!

 See here's proof. . . sorry for the disgusting picture!

We spent the morning writing "I will not hurt others" after the big kids were kicking each other.

Luckily it got better quickly when Aunt Janel came that night.

Then things got silly!

Here's what we did with Aunt Janel:

 Played lots of games

 Played on the swings

 Ate at Panera Bread. . . twice!

 Went on wagon rides

 Watched lots of basketball 
(this was the BYU game and Gage snuck out of his room to watch!)

 Played bubbles

 And sidewalk chalk

 Played on the horse swing at Bauman's

 Tractor at Bauman's

 More swinging!

 Janel was such a good sport running around and playing with the kids at the farm!

 Dropped dead from playing so hard!

 Went swimming during the big kids' swim lessons.

 Visited with cousins
(another cousin came over the day before but I didn't get any pics!)

 Took cousin and family to dinner and ice cream
(We may have eaten frozen yogurt 3 times in 5 days. . . don't judge!)

 Had a fashion show complete with invitations, posters, tickets, popcorn, and drinks!

 Built Legos while watching conference

 Ate cinnamon rolls, also while watching conference

 Played with Janel's friend Joe who stayed with us for the weekend.

We had so much fun with Aunt Janel and we are sad that we won't see her again until September!

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