Monday, April 8, 2013

The Birthday Basket Details

Shaun has been dreading his 30th birthday since the day he turned 26 and was closer to age 30 then 20! I knew I wanted to make his 30th birthday fun and memorable and this basket was the perfect way to do that!

Details of what was inside that giant gift!

 1. A picture of a pressure washer which was hiding in our shed. 2. A day of skiing (see earlier Sunriver post). 3. Cadbury eggs. 4. Scrath-it tickets.
 5. Camp Fire mints. 6. Sparkling cider. 7. Cherry jelly bellies. 8. Pear jelly bellies.
 9. Costco pack of gum. 10. Work gloves. 11. Swim trunks. 12. Cherry Coke
 13. Brown dress shoes. 14. Water flavor packets. 15. Camp Fire mints. 16. Toblerone
 17. 2-pack of movie tickets. 18. Stewart's root beet. 19. White dress shirt. 20. Almond Joys
 21. Hoodie (with a promise that I won't wear it!). 22. BYU car decal. 23. Black dress shoes. 24. Amazon gift card
 25. Dr. Pepper. 26. Camp Fire mints
 27, 28, and 29. Pictures of each of the kids (with 10 things that they each love about him) for his office at work.
 Backs of 27, 28, and 29.
Maisey - He lets me get milkshakes at McDonald's, He plays the Wii with me, He explains stuff to me when I ask questions, He takes me on dates, He lets me make choices, He does crafts with me, He plays Barbies with me, He lets us have movie nights, He teaches me how to be brave and strong, He lets me stay up past bedtime, only sometimes. 
Gage - He reads me bedtime stories, He gives me snuggs, He lets me use his tools, He shares his drink with me, He has a nice face, He plays puzzles with me, He helps me play the train game, He lets me play his phone, He lets me help mow the grass, I love him a lot. 
Miley (with help from Mom) - He cuddles me, He tosses me up in the air, He makes me laugh, He gives me kisses, He took me on my first bike ride, He pulls me in the wagon, He cleans up my toys every night, He reads me books, He makes silly faces at me, He takes me swimming.

30. A book that I made for him about all of the things he has done in his 20's.

Pages in the book

Happy Birthday Babe! Hope it was the best one yet!

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Desiree said...

Wow, you amaze me. Awesome gift. My poor hubby got a skylander :-) Love that little scrapbook.