Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maisey's Birthday Party

 This was Maisey's year for a party, and we sure made it fancy!!!
 We started the night out with a fancy dinner, which Maisey chose. Tortellini, salad, breadsticks, fruit, and sparkling cider in fancy glasses!

 Then we rotated between 3 stations: Jewelry making, nail polish and lip gloss, and wand and tiara decorating.

 (See the orange purse in the background? That's one of the goody bags. They got to put in the lip gloss, nail polish, a Fancy Nancy book, the jewelry they made, and the wand and tiara!)

 Then each of the girls got to go to charm school where they learned to curtsy, walk properly (with books on their heads and in high heels), and learned some fancy words.

 Then Maisey opened her gifts. The AG doll horse was her fave! She got a ton of Barbie stuff which she loved too.

 And then it was time to serve the fancy mini wedding cakes!

 A group picture of the girls! 
(some forgot to dress fancy!)

And the minute Gage got home from the babysitter's house, he put on Maisey's tiara and shoved his face full of someone's left over cake. He was sad to miss the party! 

It was a pretty successful party and most importantly, Maisey had fun! :)


Danielle said...

what a CUTE party! and those cakes....I really need a girl, lol.

Danielle said...
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