Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Trip: Delta

Our next stop was Delta, CO to visit my other sister, Christina's family. My mom rode with us for this portion of the trip. The cousins enjoyed playing together, and we did some really fun things!

We started off at their gymnastics gym's open play time. I wish our town had a gymnastics gym like this! It was AWESOME!

One morning we played mini golf. I decided not to play so I could chase Miley around. I helped Gage on the 18th hole, and we ended up getting it right in the "V" so I won a coupon for a free game of golf or 3 batting cage tokens. I chose the tokens and so I still got to have fun, even though I didn't golf. All six kids stood at the fence and watched me hit. And I have to say, I still have it! I didn't miss a single ball and the kids were amazed! I have to admit, I was too! :)

This wild woman was everywhere! It's a good thing I didn't pay to play!

The boys were trying to figure out that tricky 18th hole.

After golf, we headed to Frosty's Sno Shack for shaved ice. I ate shaved ice every single day we were there. It was so delicious!

We had a cousin's birthday party. All of the kids' birthdays are between April 23 and Sept. 6. So instead of mailing gifts for each of the kids, Christina and I decided to just do a big combined party. They had a lot of fun. We did a carnival theme with 5 different games. They earned tickets at each of the games and then used there tickets to buy prizes.

Gage playing the "target practice" game

Miley didn't enjoy the party as much as the other kids. She pretty much just walked around looking very hot and sweaty!

Gage playing the fishing game

Maisey checking out the prize table

Gage counting his tickets

Maisey and Shayla used their tickets to buy matching spy glasses. The spy mirrors broke off after a while and then Shayla wore just the glasses around for the next several days. And when I say she wore them around, I mean they never left her face! haha!

We gave Derick and Luke batman masks for their birthday gifts and Derick wore his the rest of the week! 

We had sugar cookie bars instead of a cake.

We went to story time at the library.
The kids made these cool bugs with little tea lights inside so they glow.

We went to the lake and walked around it and fished. We didn't catch anything. :(

The kids had a dance party in the garage.

And they went on lots of gator rides.

I love this picture. This empty dirt lot is down the street from my sister's house. They call in Gator Hills because they bring their gator and ride around. Derick was such a great driver (notice his batman mask?) and my kids loved the rides. 

Our last night there, we went to the car races. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but they turned out to be pretty fun (and pretty trashy too!). We definitely want to take the kids to the races again, somewhere local.

These boys were excited for it to start!

Front row seats!

There was a beautiful sunset that night. It really was a perfect night, except for the bugs.

The next morning we headed to St. George, UT. But first, Grammy wanted some pictures.

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