Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Trip: St. George

This stop on our trip was filled with swimming, shopping, and eating! All of my favorites! Christina and her kids and my mom joined us on this part.

Shayla and Maisey reading out on the patio. They take after their Grammy!

Maisey and Grandma Smore!

De Ja Vu!!! We went to my Grandma's house and right after we got there firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances showed up. One of the condos down the street caught on fire. It reminded me of our last trip to St. George when OUR condo caught on fire!

Shaun and Gage were buddies in the pool. 

Maisey went to Tai Pan Trading with me, my mom, my grandma, and two aunts! She found something that fits her perfectly!

SWIG!!! The best drinks! 

They played in the arcade at the condo for a while.

Grammy's 6 of 9 grandkids again, just a different 6!

We love the water park in St. George! Gage just laid under the fountain and enjoyed his popsicle for a long time!

Miley loved the water park too, but this was her last time playing in the water on our trip. She got a bad stomach bug which caused an even worse diaper rash with open sores and all. It made for a pretty miserable week!

Maisey enjoying a cake pop!

Grandma Smore treated all of the kids to carousel rides. 

This was Miley's first time, and she was begging for more!

Everybody who met us at the park. My Grandma, My Mom, My 3 Aunts, My Sister, My 7 cousins, My Niece, My 2 nephews, My 3 kids, and me!

All of the kids admired that carousel!

We visited a park before it got too hot. It had some cool play structures!

Gage and Derick on this giant swing!

We went back to the water park.

Who's the creepy guy making a "dam" in the kids' river? Oh wait, that's just Shaun!

The Leasure EEEE's (some high school show tunes type group, think: GLEE) performed in the park and Maisey was totally in her element!!! 

Here she is doing the dance!

Back to the carousel!

One last visit with Grandma Smore before we had to leave.

Oh, and I couldn't leave town with out  stopping for some yummy lunch!

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