Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Week Between Trips

You would think after spending all of that time in the car we would be ready to hunker down and not leave the house for days. WRONG!!! We had such a busy week after we got back. I had a birthday, we attended two birthday parties for friends, Maisey had her birthday party, we went to the zoo, had a sleepover, went to a swim party, and fixed a broken washer. Throw in laundry, weeding, bills, all that normal stuff, and that is why I haven't caught up on the blog yet! 

 I spent my birthday at the movies, but mostly out in the hall with my babe! I didn't mind too much. I love that girl!

 Shaun surprised me with flowers, See's chocolates, and a date night to pick out new shoes. 

 We had birthday cake pancakes for dinner! They were actually really delicious. I LOVE sprinkles, so this was perfect for me.

  This beautiful sunset concluded my birthday!

 This babe is always ready to go somewhere. She carries shoes around all day and stands at the door just waiting for me to say "Let's go!"

 At birthday party #1 for the week! This picture just screams "I LOVE SUMMER!" to me.

 Gage had a sleepover at Grammy's house.

 Hangin in the bear cave at the zoo!

 This was the kids' least favorite animal at the zoo. They are scared of anything that has a resemblance of a pig now! (See Rexburg post!)

 This was my favorite thing to see, a mama and her babe!

 We rode in the caboose on the train.

 Maisey stayed up late and helped me bake her birthday cakes. 
Birthday post to come next!

 Birthday Party #2 of the week. Our neighbor turned 3 and had his birthday at a train park! Gage was so excited to go to his party.
 And I loved spending some one-on-one time with my boy!

On one of the turns, Gage got to ride in the seat right behind the driver. He was so giddy!

 Shaun worked on our washer for two days and finally got it fixed, we think!!

She spent an hour in nursery last week and loved it as long as I was in there with her. 3 more months!!! You better believe I am counting down!

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Danielle said...

Oh man! I so wish we could join you today but we've already got plans this afternoon! :( Thanks for the invite though-hope you guys have a blast and good luck with school starting up!!! We're so excited over here. Maybe one of these days we can make a meet up work! :)