Monday, August 12, 2013


Today my baby turned six. SIX!!!! I was trying to get all of our trip posted before I worked on her birthday post, but crazy busy life got in the way. I'm currently packing the kids and I for our next adventure that starts tomorrow. I love summertime!!! 

Maisey had a pretty great day. We did everything that she requested.

It started with doughnuts and juice for breakfast.

Then she got to go to Stake Music Camp which she loves!!

After music camp we headed to Panda Express for lunch. 

After nap/quiet times, we met dad at Red Robin for dinner then came home to open gifts.

I think she had a pretty great day. I have a feeling she is going to ROCK her 6th year!

Happy Birthday to the girl who made me a mother! Love you!


that's what she said...

aww, happy birthday Maisey!! Looks like a perfect day!

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

Shes definitely an awesome 6 year old!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAISEY!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday from Tori, Miss Maisey!!