Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Trip: Rexburg

We were only in Rexburg for a few short days, but we sure packed a lot of fun in. Shaun's brother Ryan and his family came up the same weekend to hang out. It was fun visiting with them.

We rode the carousel

We took turns on Papa's new electric motorcycle and him and his students built.

We played with Baby Norah

We played with Madison

Nathaniel went through the temple for the first time. 

We played in the sand dunes!

We contemplated life. . . oh wait, just kidding!

We rented a 4-wheeler for the dunes

Mom got stuck and dad had to come rescue the girls!

Gage was Papa's co-pilot!

We saw the bears at Bear World

Bear cub!

We fed the ducks and fish at Bear World. Gage liked to throw in whole pieces of bread and watch the animals fight over it!

We checked out animal furs

Gage made sure this skunk wasn't going to spray him

We went to the petting zoo in Bear World

I think this is my favorite picture from the whole trip! Look at all of their faces. The pig just snipped at Gage and they were all traumatized! Haha! I don't think any of them pet another animal while we were there.

Gage fell in a puddle and Hannah knelt down on animal poop. At first Gage was having a melt down that he was dirty and then he saw Hannah's leg and was just grateful his was mud!

We rode the rides at Bear World.

Rode Papa's motorcycle again.

And we kissed our vacation goodbye!

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