Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trip Fail

As if we weren't tripped out enough by our 3000+ mile trip, I decided to take the kids on another trip. Shaun had to go to Vegas for work and I really didn't want to be stuck at home by myself with the kids. So I begged and pleaded with my mom to go to Running Y Ranch with the kids and I. My mom and I had always talked about trying out Running Y, and even though it's 5 hours away, she agreed to it. Shaun has a cousin who lives close by so we were going to meet up with her and her kids.

We drive the 5 hours to get there. My mom goes to check us in and we are on the top floor of this little strip of condos mixed in with a bunch of really nice homes. We find our condo, I unload the entire van up the stairs and into the condo. The whole resort is very calm and quiet, and let's be honest, my kids are NOT! So I am already feeling stressed trying to keep them quiet as to not disrupt anybody else's vacations (fail #1). Then I get swarmed by bugs (fail #2). So now I am stressed and itchy. Shaun's cousin texted me and said she wasn't able to meet up with us anymore (fail #3). We ended up taking the kids to the little play ground in the resort and they were the only kids there. They were running around and having a good time, but we were getting glares from people passing by (fail #4). We decided to go check out the pool area and it was only indoors and it felt really sticky inside with out good air flow (fail #5). As we were walking back to the van, my mom said she had an idea. She called my aunt Jeanne to see if anyone was using the Sunriver house. Nobody was until Thursday afternoon, so at 9:00 pm, we re-packed the van, and left our Running Y reservation behind, for a much more laid back, peaceful trip to Sunriver.

As I was driving on an unfamiliar highway, in the dark, with lots of deer crossing the road, after being exhausted from the first drive, I was kind of regretting our decision. We had to stop for gas, but I have never driven on this highway before, so I didn't know if there was anything close by. We stopped at some shady casino in the middle of the night and it was really creepy. 

But once we pulled into the garage at the Sunriver house, I was sooo excited to be there. Somewhere familiar, somewhere more private, and somewhere more kid friendly!

 This was the only picture I took while at Running Y. 

Our first day in Sunriver, we went to the SHARC!!! (the aquatic facility!) We spent most of the day there and the kids had so much fun. We did the lazy river, the kids whirlpool, the kiddie pool, the fountains, and the sand box. Each kid was totally in their own element.

The second day, we rode bikes, and went to the village to ride the train and eat shaved ice!
 Miley said "choo choo" the whole time!

 We had to come back a day early than our original Running Y plans because someone else was using the house.
 Gage took advantage of Dad being gone and us being home, and snuck into our bed. . . but before I even went to bed. It kind of scared me when I went back to bed to see someone in it! Haha!

We spent what was supposed to be the last day of our vacation at Grandma's school in the morning and then at the movies in the afternoon. Grammy took the big kids to see Planes!

Even though our trip started out as a fail, it ended up being a fun little adventure for us all!

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