Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Trip: Salt Lake City

We left St. George and drove north to stay with our friends in South Jordan for a night. We had good intentions on stopping in Provo, eating a J-Dog, visiting campus, and reminiscing. But with a sick baby who was actually sleeping, and for the sake of time we just drove by and waved! 

We met up with our friends the Maughans and the kids had so much fun playing together. We went to dinner and stopped for shaved ice after! Then we came home and let the kids have a pajama party (aka, movie in p.j.'s) while we played games and caught up on each others' lives. 

The next day we kept going north to Temple Square and then onto Lagoon. The kids were so naughty at Temple Square. Miley still wasn't feeling well, and by this time the stomach bug had traveled to the rest of us. So everyone was just a little off on this day. At Lagoon, We met up with the Hoopes, our other friends who also moved to Utah. It was so fun to see them.

My picture from the freeway. 

These shaved ices were HUgE!! Doesn't Gage just look so dreamy in this picture?

I love how Gage is the only one still awake at the pajama party!

Posing as BFF's! 

Not our best pic, but it's all we have!

Once we got to Lagoon there were a lot more smiles!

Except for Miley who hated every ride. Don't worry, her mean mom eventually got the hint and didn't make her ride them anymore!

We got soaked on a Rattle Snake Rapids. 

Miley did like the train, and we happened to be on a train ride when a thunderstorm rolled through. At least we were covered!

Story Time: When we were at Lagoon, Gage kept running off and following the train. He would follow it so far away from me and I would always just chase after him. Toward the end of the day he did it again. He ran off to follow the train. I decided to follow him but stay back a ways so he couldn't see me. I wanted him to feel like he was lost so hopefully he would be scared and not run off anymore. After about ten minutes a lady came up to him and asked him where his mommy was. And he said very matter of factly, "Far, far, away." She asked, "what does your mommy look like?" And he responded, "She's 20!" She asked, "What does your daddy look like?" And he said, "He's 16." And that is when I interrupted the conversation and let the lady know what my plan was all along. I asked him if he was scared that he couldn't find me and he didn't even seem to care. Maybe I should have let the lady turn him in to the workers and then picked him up from there. Maybe that would have scared him a little? I have no idea. That boy makes me crazy though!

We left Lagoon around 9 pm and headed to our final stop: Rexburg!

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