Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Other Randoms

Here are the rest of the things that don't quiet fit in their own post!

We have been working on a ton of house projects this last week. The biggest one of note: the front door. We have been talking about painting it since we moved it, but never got around to it. I'm kind of intimidated by paint projects because they never seem to go the way I imagine them going. But I finally did it!

 Those were the two colors we were deciding between and we went with Golden Chalice. I'm very glad we went lighter.


Now I just need to get Shaun to put my hook in so I can put my red flower back up!

We celebrated our 8th anniversary last week! This year the gift was linen so we decided to go shopping together and pick out much needed new bedding. I really wanted a down comforter and duvet cover. Shaun didn't really care, so he went along with it. It was hard finding something that matches the paint in our room, and after buying and returning 3 different sets, we (read: I) decided on this one!!
 Now maybe one of these years we can actually get a matching bedroom set.

We found the Elmo costume the other day and let the kids have fun with it! 

The Stake Triathlon is coming up this weekend! I've logged 45 miles on my bike in the last 3 days! Shaun rode with me the other night and had a hard time keeping up! :)

A few weeks ago, Maisey decided to try her bike again with out training wheels! She really has it this time and is so good about balancing, turning, and stopping. She can go up and down the driveway, the curb, and she can even pull Miley around! :)


Danielle said...

love the door! and good luck on your triathlon-how exciting!

Jenny said...

I love all your posts - I feel exhausted just reading about all your adventures! :) It sounds like it's been a fun summer for everyone. Too bad our time in Idaho didn't overlap. Here's hoping for next year!