Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Trip: Denver

I was so excited to get to Denver to meet the new baby. Unfortunately, we had to drive through Wyoming, the most boring state ever, to get there. I'm sure there are fun things to do in Wyoming, but driving across the state on I-80, there is nothing to see, nothing to do, and hardly any places to stop. 

We packed so much into our short stop in Denver.

My sister Kate, from Iowa, was visiting my other sister Kelsey. They were leaving just hours after we got there. So we had a nice BBQ and some fun cousin time before they left.

Six (out of 9) of my mom's grandkids

Girls picture (missing Christina)

We walked to a park in Kelsey's neighborhood. But we got much more than just a park. In their neighborhood, they have tons of wild rabbits. They lay really still in the grass and pretend to be rocks, until they get scared and run away. The kids thought it was so fun to go on rabbit hunts!

Gage was really good at getting them to run away! :)

My mom flew to Denver a couple of weeks before we got there. Miley missed her grammy so much and was so excited to see her again!

Shaun got to hold Hallie first, no fair!

But, I got my turn too!

We went swimming at Kelsey's pool

Played at a different neighborhood park

And then the kids took turns holding their new cousin.

Miley was jealous that not all of the attention was on her!

And Gage was so sweet and gentle with her. It melted my heart.

Maisey and I got to go to the American Girl doll store while we were there. Before we left, she worked really hard at earning money to be able to spend there. She earned $26 and then got a generous donation of $50. She bought a new outfit, high heels, sunglasses, and colored highlights.

She loved being there!

After the doll store, we met some college friends, Tyler and Andrea Young, at Red Robin for dinner. They have triplets who are 2! So we had 4 adults and 6 kids under 5! It was wild but so fun to catch up with them and meet their sweet kids!

We ordered Miley her first kids meal and she was the first kid finished! She inhaled it and was such a mess.
(unfortunately, this was the only picture I took at dinner.)

After dinner we were walking to our cars and still talking with our friends, when I turn around and see Gage's naked bum. He was peeing on a tree in the mall parking lot. Not my proudest mom moment!
Other highlights of Denver:
Watching Pitch Perfect, playing dominoes, going to Charming Charlies (best accessory store!), and going to a Target with an escalator for people and an escalator for their shopping carts!

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