Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aunt Janel Visits

Janel came in to town for Miley's blessing and we sure had fun with her! We finally got to take her our for her birthday dinner since last time she was here I was in the hospital and I'm pretty sure hospital cafeteria food doesn't count for a birthday dinner. 

Whenever Janel comes to visit, she is always such a big help, and this time was no different. She helped watch kids, did hair, played tea party, made cupcakes, took pictures, took kids out on a raft, and prepared food for the big family dinner, along with joining in all of the fun stuff we did. She introduced us to a new game called Flexx which was super fun.

We can't wait for Janel to come back and visit again soon!

I think Gage looks like Simon the chipmunk in Janel's glasses. 
Shaun thinks he looks like the little boy from Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little.

She can definitely claim "Favorite Aunt" award for how fun she is and for how much she loves these kids!

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