Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun on the Farm

Our awesome friends have awesome parents who have awesome property in a town close to us. They are so awesome, that they invited us to join in their awesomeness!!! We all had a blast. Miley slept in her car seat the whole 3+ hours we were there -- that was a first and I'm sure a last. It was nice because it freed up Shaun and my hands to do stuff with the older kids. 

 Maisey's favorite part of the whole thing was the horse Ginger. She was super brave and is even seen here giving her a kiss. She was telling Grammy about it the next day and she told Grammy she has a new best friend named Ginger. I told my mom later that it was a horse and she laughed. She totally thought Ginger was a kid by the way Maisey was talking about her.

 The kids also got to crawdad fish. Maisey kept calling them lobsters and Gage loved to stick his pole in the water, but once he caught one he didn't want to get close to it!

 Gage got in on the horse action too
(Good thing the electric fence wasn't on!)

And Daddy took them on a boat ride around the pond while Mommy sat and visited with friends!

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon with friends, food, family, and fun! 

Lucky for us, our friends are so awesome they let us come out the next Sunday too and bring Aunt Janel and the Nobles.

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