Monday, July 16, 2012


Christina's family came with us to Sunriver this time. The kids got along so well together, it really couldn't have gone any better. We did a lot of the same things we always do, but it was much more exciting because we had cousins to do it with!

We got to Sunriver in the early afternoon. We played should the Curtis family around and got all settled in. The boys drove the tractor and did a really good job taking turns. We shot some hoops and went on a bike ride. After the kids were in bed, the adults got our game on! We love playing games when we are all together.

Maisey slept with the giant bear every night! Her and Shayla got to have a slumber party in Grammy's room every night as well.

On Thursday morning we headed to the village to play on the inflatables and ride the train.

After lunch, we put the kids down for naps and Christina, Clayton, Shaun and I played tennis, while Grammy stayed back with all six kids. It was *HOT* and we forgot sunscreen. Shaun got fried, but it was soooo worth it. We played boys vs. girls and the games were all very close. Our reservations were for an hour and a half so we only had time for two sets. The boys won the first one after a tiebreaker. But Christina and I came from behind to win the second one. I wish we had time for the last set because we definitely had the momentum going our way, but it was nice to end in a tie so everyone was still happy. This was probably the most fun we've had playing tennis at Sunriver. It was nice to be able to play doubles because you don't have to chase the ball around as much.

Shaun's post-tennis sunburn.

After tennis, the kids woke up from their naps and wanted to get in the hot tub. They had fun swimming all around and playing with the pool toys.

After dinner, we all headed back to the village to jump on the inflatables again and for another train ride. Then we headed to Goody's for ice cream! While the mom's stood in line for ice cream, the dad's took the kids to a dance party in the village. It was hilarious. There was mostly upbeat fast songs that the kids were having a blast dancing to, but towards the end the band played a slow song. It was so funny to see Gage slow his dance moves down and shake his hips real slow to the beat. Eventually I went and danced with him while Shaun and Maisey danced, then we put the two kids together to dance with each other. It was a fun night.
The girls riding the train.

Dance Party!

Father/Daughter Dance

How cute are they?

Yummy ice cream!

On Friday we went to the new aquatic area that just opened. It was incredible. There were water slides, a lazy river, fountains, a beach entry pool, and fenced in kid pool with a sand area. It was super crowded, there wasn't a lot of shade, and again it was HOT!!! We played there all morning, then went home for lunch and naps. During nap time, the girls (adults and kids) decided to bike ride to the village and go miniature golfing. Well, the bike ride didn't go exactly as planned. The little girls were having a hard time keeping up, so we called Clayton to have him come pick them up and take them to the village and we would meet them there. Well, by 2:00 pm, it was way hot and it was taking a lot longer for us to get to the village then we expected. And add to that my mom almost crashing and breaking her leg, once we met up with Clayton and the little girls, we decided to send all of the bikes back with him and call him again for a ride back home when we were ready. Miniature golf was fun. It was Maisey's first time playing and she loved it. She even got a hole in one with out me helping her. Among the adults the loser had to buy ice cream afterward. Good thing I brought money with me because I lost by a lot. That night after dinner, we headed back to the new aquatic area. It was a long, tiring day, but we all had a blast.

I only managed one picture of my kids at the new pool, and it wasn't even them swimming. Gage loved playing in the sand area. And it was way better than the beach because you could rinse off and then not have to walk back through the sand again to leave.

All 5 bikes in the van.

Our failed bike ride!

Maisey's first game of golf. She caught on pretty quickly.

Saturday started off with lots of tears. My kids lost their playmates. The Curtis family had to leave to head back home. Maisey cried and cried and Gage kept asking, "Where my friend go?" After a while, we distracted them with taking them swimming again. This time we headed to one of the old pools that was much smaller and way less crowded. It was kind of nice because we could just lay out while the kids played and we didn't have to worry about losing them. Maisey loved going down the water slide in the big pool. At one point Shaun got out of the pool and didn't want to get back in, but Maisey really wanted to go down the slide again. She was really scared to go down it with out Shaun in the pool to catch her. So we told her we would pay her $5 (she's had her eye on a new $5 hula hoop) to do it with out Shaun and she did! She ended up going down it a ton all on her own. I was very proud of her and how she overcame her fear! That night we at dinner at the village and watched another band play, then headed home for games!

Doesn't she look brave?

No one there to catch her.

Miley hung with us during games. She must have been bad luck because Daddy lost pretty bad that night!

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