Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grammy's Birthday

Grammy's birthday was a couple of weekends ago. It was pretty low key. I gave her her birthday gift when all of my sisters were in town, so she didn't have anything to open on her birthday. Plus the kids wanted to get her something, so we went to the $ store the night before and I told them each to pick one thing. Well, I think we ended up with five things, after I made the kids put back a ton of stuff! It was really funny watching them go through the store. On her birthday (Saturday) Miley and I went shopping with her and then took her to dinner. Then on Sunday we made her a delicious birthday dinner complete with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup cake. It was so good. I think she really enjoyed her weekend!

 Gage walking through the dollar store. He ended up getting Grammy the cup hanging from his mouth, another cup, and a beaded necklace hand clapper thing. Maisey got her this interesting (read: ugly) hula doll and a d-i-y bracelet kit. Good thing Grammy has a good sense of humor. She thought it was fun!

 Miley was so good at dinner and was stealing all of the attention!

 Gage helped me make the cake before church on Sunday. I will never let him have chocolate in his church clothes again!

 Grammy opening her gift and Gage all up in the action! The kids couldn't wait for Grammy to open their gifts.

My delicious creation! 
5 candles on the left and 3 on the right for 53!

Happy Birthday Grammy!

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