Thursday, July 26, 2012

Car Wash = FAIL!!!!!

I'm working on a summer fun post and thought it would be fun to include some pictures from our car wash today. But then we actually washed the car, and it didn't go so well.
(We've never actually washed our cars at home, so this was the kids' first time. We have a great car wash here in town that we usually take them to, but I figured it would be something fun to do on a hot day. . . Yeah, not so fun!)

It all started out fine. The older kids were enjoying popsicles in their nice new chairs (more on those in the summer fun post to come!)

 And Miley was happy in her bouncy in the garage

I ran inside to fill up our car wash bucket with hot water and I came back out to the garage holding it by the handle. Gage came up to me and just barely touched the bucket and the handle came right off spilling soapy water all over the garage floor.

The kids were super excited about using the sponge and brush but they kept fighting over them and I'm pretty sure my van got a few new scratches. 

Maisey ran off to play with her little neighbor friend, so that left Gage with free reign of the sponge, the brush, and the hose! Within seconds, he dumped the bucket out again. So, back inside we go to fill the bucket up! Good thing it was a brand new bottle of car soap.

Right about this time, Miley started crying. I knew she was on the verge of a nap, but I was hoping she would last until we were done. She had other plans. So I picked her up out of the bouncy and slipped and fell on the soapy and wet garage floor. Like fell all the way to the ground, and yes, my butt is sore! I swaddled her up and went inside to put her down for her nap, when I came back outside, Gage was spraying the hose into the garage.

I told him to stop spraying the hose and had him go get his sponge out of the bucket to wash the van wheels. Isn't that a good job for a 3 year-old boy?  Well, maybe he thought I said dump the bucket out again, because that is what he did. So this time I just poured a little soap into the bucket and filled it up with the hose. I left the bottle of soap on the driveway by the bucket and started scrubbing the car. I turned around when I heard Gage saying, "BUBBLES! BUBBLES!" and discovered that he had dumped the whole bottle of car soap into the bucket.

At this point I was sooooo ready to give up, but I didn't get to the front of the van and that's where it needed washed the most. So we stuck it out. The van eventually got cleaned, the garage eventually dried, and I came to the conclusion that I'm pretty sure I won't wash the van with the kids by myself for a very VERY long time!


that's what she said...

Oh man!!! Those are the kinds of experiences that you know you are going to laugh about later but at the time are so exasperating! You sound like you were much more patient than I would've been. I would've sent my kids into the house and finished it without their 'help'. lol.

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

I can't believe you've never washed your car at home before! That's all we ever do! My boys have so much fun! We pull our van onto our front lawn, so we don't have a water mess & we use dish soap... much cheaper but still cleans the greasy residue. I only attempt to wash it when Brandon's around, though. You're brave:)