Sunday, July 15, 2012


 For the last few months Maisey has been begging for a haircut. I kept telling her we had to wait until her ballet recital was over. Lucky for her, Gage was in dire need of a haircut so I scheduled appointments for both of them and we made a family Friday-night date out of it!

 This is Maisey, pre-cut. Her hair went down to the middle of her back.

 Gage's hair grows like crazy! Look how shaggy it is, and we just had it cut the month before.

 She loved having her hair up in clips!

 The little dude lookin' sharp!
 New hair-do's

She LOVED it . . .

. . . until Sunday morning before church, when I was the only one home, rushing around trying to get three kids ready for church, and the melt-down began! She wanted her long hair back. But, once we got to church so many people told her how cute it was that she seems to be ok with it again! Whew!

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