Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Mondays Get a Bad Rap

A lot of people hate Mondays. Until the day after Miley's blessing, I never really had a reason to not like them. But this particular day didn't go as planned. Shaun was planning on waking up at 5:30 am to take Janel to the airport and then we were debating on going to the beach with all of the cousins that were still in town. Well, Shaun came in our room at 7:00 am and I woke up. I asked if he just got home from the airport and he said he never left. Everyone in the house slept in and Janel ended up missing her flight.Which at first I thought was not a good thing, but later on I ended up kind of being glad that she did. Let me explain. 

Since Janel re-booked her flight for that afternoon Shaun and I decided for sure not to go to the beach since we would  be taking her to the airport that afternoon. I went to go start some laundry since we were staying home, and the carpet in front of the laundry closet was all wet (I had started a load the night before). I just thought something spilled, so I started the load anyway. Well, it definitely was the washer leaking. The tub wouldn't stop filling so water just overflowed out the top. We turned the water off and tried to find what the problem was. I ended up googling the model number and found a fix-it website with step-by-step directions on how to fix it! So with Shaun's tools, Janel's patience and calming abilities (that's why I was later glad she missed her flight), my googling skills, and a few hours, we fixed the washer ourselves! I was pretty proud of us!

As soon as we finished with the washer, Janel left for the airport. When Shaun got back we felt bad that the kids didn't get to go to the beach, so we took them swimming at our pool and Kate, Blair, and Brock came with us since they, too, stayed home from the beach.

In all, it didn't turn out to be a horrible day, but definitely a rough start! Hopefully we don't have another bad Monday like that!

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