Sunday, July 15, 2012

NW Kids Club

This was probably one of the most interesting times we've been to NW kids club! The kids had a blast running around and playing with each other. But we had two "incidents" that made it crazy. 

1) Grammy, Kelsey, and Christina ran to get lunch for everyone, leaving Shaun, Janel, and I with all of the kids. I was feeding Miley, so really it left Shaun and Janel to watch them all. Every few minutes we would count the kids to make sure they were all accounted for. One of the times, Luke was missing. They checked the jump house, the train room, the dress up room, the infant area. . . he wasn't in any of them. He was found in the bathroom with his shorts and diaper off, putting toilet paper down the toilet. Then came running out into the play area with nothing on. 

2) We were getting ready to leave and the kids wanted Shaun to spin them one more time in the tea cup. He was spinning them pretty fast and everyone seemed happy. All of a sudden, Gage's head started going in circles and he didn't look good. Shaun stopped the tea cup and Gage puked up his McDonald's happy meal all over. Then Shaun grabbed him out of the tea cup and he puked again all over the floor. The owners of the place were really rude about it and we offered to help clean it up but they said, "Just get the kid out of here." So we left. It was super gross!

This reminds me of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

The tea cup, pre-puke!

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