Sunday, July 15, 2012

June Leftovers

Shaun was in charge of the ward activity in June: a barbecue and a softball game. The game was super fun. I hadn't played a softball game since high school: almost 10 years! The kids had a really fun time too. They were helping me be the catcher.

The kids got a bubble gun for a gift from a friend after Miley was born. It has been the source of many laughs and fights! And it has been refilled several times. They love it!

Princess Gage. . . heels and all!

Mickey Mouse pancake breakfast with Grammy

Maisey wanted a Minnie Mouse pancake, so Grammy pretended the sausage was Minnie's bow. This girl was sure happy!

Playing on the tractor at EZ Orchards

I made m&m cookies one morning, then left to run errands. Shaun sent me this picture a little bit after I left and I was cracking up. Gage had pulled a chair up to the counter, got himself a plate, filled it with cookies, and went and hid in Miley's closet for a little mid-morning snack. That sneaky boy!

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